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Ani Massage is on call massage provider that will deliver nearest profesional masseuse to your place; hotel, apartement, guest house, villa, etc. you can our choose massage theraphist by photo we sent to you or you also can ask recomendation from us.

Our services

We provide various massage packages that you can choose based on your need:

Traditional Massage

Massage with traditional indonesia touch that can make your body and mind feel better and connect.

Vitality Massage

Special massage for you with special massage treatment to make your body fresh and fit

Massage & Scrub

Massage & Scrub to make your body well maintained and fresh also clean 

Open 24 hour everyday in Denpasar

Book massage to your place without time barrier. Book massage anytime you need it.

Book massage onlie via Wahtsapp.

Choose massage therapist from photo

Choose massage therapist you want by appearance form photo we sent to you or based on our special recomendation

Choose your therapist now on whatsapp.

Book now and we will find you massage therapist nearest your place.

Problems that often occur when ordering Massage Denpasar

Massage Services are often used by customers who experience health complaints, fatigue or aches. However, there are various problems experienced when using massage services.

The following are things that cause customers to feel uncomfortable when using on-call massage services.

1. There is no time to go to a massage place

Busy schedules and activities make it difficult for people to find time to go to a massage place because it takes too long and takes time and interferes with your activities.

Not to mention you have to make a booking first before coming and have to queue & wait with other customers. So a lot of time will be wasted and it will be inefficient.

2. A massage place that is far from your location

Another obstacle is that the place that provides massage is far from where you are, so you cannot immediately get massage services immediately.

Because the further away the massage place is, the longer it takes to go to that location, which makes you more tired and tired before receiving and after the massage because you have to travel back and forth from the massage place and home.

3. Unavailability of the desired service

Most massage places only provide ordinary massage and do not match what customers want. So customers are not satisfied because they do not get appropriate service.

However, massage for tired bodies and reflexology require other techniques to relieve stress and reduce stiff muscles. It is also different from massage for fitness and also massage accompanied by a body scrub.

4. Expensive prices and rates

Many massage places charge high rates because they have to pay operational costs such as buildings and others. Not to mention that if you want special services, the customer will be asked for more fees and the rates will be even higher.

And all of that doesn’t include transportation costs to go to and from the massage place, which of course also costs money.

5. Privacy is not maintained

In the world of massage, customer privacy is the number one thing that must be protected. Many customers complain that privacy is not maintained because they have to share a room with other customers. Even though our bodies are the most important privacy to protect.

Especially if the customer has special conditions that make it impossible to use massage services in non-private places such as wearing a veil, etc.

On Call Massage in Denpasar is the Solution

On Call Massage Services exist to help customers eliminate all the obstacles they have experienced so far. Therefore, on-call massage is becoming more and more popular day by day and is widely used by the public because it is an effective solution to reduce or even eliminate these obstacles.


1. Time is more efficient with Call Massage

With an on-call massage service, you will save time wasted by having to look for a massage place, not to mention the time wasted going to and from the massage place, which if there is traffic jam, will really waste your time and use it inefficiently.


With on-call massage services, you simply order online from where you are, whether in a hotel, apartment or house. without having to worry about looking for a massage place and going to the location, you just have to wait for our therapist to come and serve you according to the service you want.

That way, you will save a lot of time that would be wasted if you used conventional massage services.


2. You don't have to bother going to a massage place that is far away

Now you don’t have to be tired twice because you have to go to a massage place that is far from your location. The intention is to get rid of the aches, but instead the aches get worse because you are stuck in traffic on the way to a massage place that is far away.


With on-call massage, you don’t have to go anywhere because the therapist of your choice will come to the door of where you live.

3. Provide various types of services

Our on call massage has a large and varied network of therapists so we can provide varied services according to your needs and desires.


Apart from being able to choose the service you want, you can also choose a therapist from a photo or ask for recommendations from the admin based on the therapist’s expertise and specialization.

4. Cheap rates and no additional fees

Even though extra services can be called to your location, on-call massage is relatively cheaper, at only 250 thousand you can enjoy a professional massage WITHOUT ADDITIONAL THERAPIST TRANSPORTATION FEES or other additional costs.

5. Privacy is maintained

Because the service is held at your location, privacy is protected from interference from other people. Apart from that, especially at Ani Massage we guarantee that your information will not be exposed. We also guarantee that we will not call or contact you via chat regarding massage marketing.

Service Area Massage Panggilan Denpasar

we reach every corner and place in denpasar, So, you dont need to worry anytime and anywhere you can enjoy our services

Here our service area in Denpasar, Bali:

  • Kota Denpasar
  • Kuta
  • Sanur
  • Seminyak
  • Legian
  • dan sekitarnya.
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